A little bit of info on us.
A review written by one of our fans
Gary, who portrays John, stands at the microphone in a quiet
authoritative manner. He performs on rhythm guitar, sings lead vocals
with a fiery yearning, and speaks in a Scouse accent while delivering
segues between songs. He is the joker who initiates the sly gems of wit
which his mates instantly add on to with mischievous pleasure. True to
his stage persona Gary weaves the dream.
...Lennon must have a McCartney, and Gary has a more than worthy
protege to play that role. Roscoe plays bass, moaning the addictive
rock-as-a-painkiller chorus of 'Oh Darling' and cooing the doe-eyed
loveliness of 'Things We Said Today' with equal ease. Paul was known
as the charismatic Beatle, and Roscoe has mastered that charm.
... If 'music is food of love' then Tom Brooks, the group's George
Harrison, is a Romeo. As he leans over his guitar, eyes twinkling, life
becomes one undeniably catchy set of chords and sinewy riffs.
Responsibilities cease to exist; all that matters is the down-and-dirty
trance great musicians (and Tom's obsessive fans) know as excellent
guitar work as well as his noteworthy vocals.
...A band cannot do their job without a steady beat behind them. Joe
Prescott, who portrays Ringo, slams the skins with an agile
expertise.While his playing is clearly influenced by the amazing Mr.
Starkey, it possesses a personal touch. Sample this, Chemical Brothers!
...Then, there is Mike "Too Tall"Calvert. The
adjective may only be true in the metaphysical
sense, but he fills a tall order indeed. Supplying all
of the needed sound effects,
Too Tall thinks nothing
of being George Martin and Billy Preston in the
same night. Not since Murray the K has a man made
so much use of his fifth Beatle status
...Together this Fab Five creates the kind of  energy that was once the sole
property of the boys from Liverpool. Whether teasing one another or
sending the music 'flying' through the rapt crowd, Ticket to Ride reminds
audiences that LIFE IS.......FUN! The Answer happens to be very simple.